Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another "About me. .".

Well ... Suvro and Avik C , may sue me for this ... coz its completely their brain child (or is it?) ...rather I would say the Bollywood way .. "this was inspired from Suvro n Avik C's blogs " .. :P .. sorry guys .. but thanks ...
.. Ohh btw .. it seems Suvro got this idea from someone else .. so its ok .. :)

So here is my "About Me" in an "attempted" intelligent manner :

* I don't like (rather hate) Pizzas / Burgers / Hot Dogs.

* I don't like making 1000's of new friends any more. Am happy with my circle of friends.

* I can't talk well specially when in front of a cute/sexy/good looking gal whom I have never met before. Ok .... and this is a newly acquired trait!!!! :(

* I realize my mistakes after I commit them ...even when they are the most stupidest of all

* I cant play scrabble, don't like chess, crosswords are my sleeping pills and confused with KBC ... so that probably describes my level of intelligence.

* Ask me if I always wanted to be what I am today .. and my answer would be NO ..

* To add to the above point ... I like what I do now .. although it was never an ambition as a kid.

* I am very bad at keeping contacts (and if am still connected to you or try to keep in touch, it means you are really important to me) ..

* I believe that good looking gals always fall for ugly guys but somehow it doesn't seem to be true the other way...

* I believe in god ( well .. more strongly during tough times ..)

* I am not good at flirting.. ANYMORE .. :(

* Once I was very good in Snake II and cricket ... now am doing better in cricket coz am pretty good with my finger-eye co-ordination. And the snake has died.

* I have a twin brother .. and we are very close ... but trust me we don't have similar looking moles under our left armpits !!! ( the point is bollywood gives you crap!!! )

* Only 2 places on earth where I would like to go back whenever I get a chance are Durgapur and Kolkata.

* Pink Floyd changed the way I admired music

* I was and still am weak in maths

* I like cooking .. and I like making cocktails ...

* I like to help people, but only when they ask for it .. or when I feel they need it real bad .

* Am not addicted to Coffee ... neither to tea

* People say that I talk nonsense when drunk .. although I vehemently deny this !!

* I prefer sitting and sipping ... rather than shaking my legs, even when its a disc and even when there are pretty girls around .. ( NOTE : AM NOT GAY) !!!

* One thing that always makes me laugh .. irrespective of the situation : A resounding fart

* I love my country. ... except the fact that all the adult / porn channels are off air now-a-days !!!!!

* Its difficult for me to identify a SINGLE fav color or a fav movie or a fav actor or a fav actress or a fav book. (BUT I DO HAVE MANY OF THEM !!)

* I don't believe in astrology, palmistry and sun signs .. although I sometime check what the stars have to say for the day.

* I realised that am no "dude" for the first time at Delhi Airport, Aug 14, 2006 .

* I think anywhere is a walking distance ..... if you have time

* I am a good listener .. if you are a girl or if you talk sense ..

* I (too) think that am a good boyfriend and husband "material" :)

* I love nature

* I am very impatient .. specially when people keeps me waiting

* I don't believe Gandhi gave us the freedom .. coz i don't think you can scare away a bunch of people (who fought the WW !!), with just a stick and some sweet talks!

* JOYDEV (those who don't understand... pls don't try .... those who know what it is they might as well know that its a part of my existence)

* I would rather eat cornflakes for lunch... than wake up early on a Sunday morning.

* I feel evolution is the root of all problems ...

* I cant remember dates ... so please don't expect a call on your birthday .. it may happen sometime within +- 7 days of that date .

* And trust me .. "green vegetable" gives you a great "vision" :)

whoooofff !!!!! 32 mins ! .. can't write any more. And If you still don't understand me .. then thanks , I don't mind ! .. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Tele-Soap World ..

Remember those sundays ... when there used to be no one on the streets between 9 am to 11 am ...? When the rest of the week passed in eager anticipation.. waiting for those precious 2 hours of the sunday morning ? .. when it was a matter of pride among your friends, if you could discuss what happened in those 2 hours , in a greater detail than others ? ..... yess am talking about those days when we were kids ... and sundays had only 1 meaning ... TV Serials .. Mowgli-Jungle Book, Tailspin, Chandrakanta, Mahabharata n Ramayana .. to name a few memorable ones . And also there were other equally attractive ones like Circus, Byomkesh Bakshi, Malgudi Days n even .. as I just remembered ... Tehkikaat !!! I must say, they were a big part of my growing up ... and I seriously do not miss those Marks or Those Homeworks, which I often had to sacrifice for them (although mom-dad rarely knew about this).

Over the years, I grew up (well thats obvious isnt it !!! )...rather we all grew up (this is referring to my dear friends with whom I grew up).... and the defination of a "Sunday" changed with time. There were no more discussions about the previous days tele-soaps on monday mornings or at the play ground. Well, probably because there was nothing worthy to be discussed !! As we grew up , our good old "Sunday Friends" said good-bye one by one. And with that, came the end of what I call "the age of entertaining, sweet, informative and sensible" TV-soaps.

Probably the society was changing fast then ... probably the viewers no more wanted to see the cartoon character of a little boy dancing around with a bunch of monkies, or even a 50+ private investigator fighting crime! And as you know with the entertainment industry.. you get what you want...
So then started the age of Never-ending family dramas.. filled with crime , sex , extra-marital sex , pre-marital sex, unfaithfulness, disloyalty !! Some years back , I was shocked to see even a rape scene in a Family type TV Soap !!! (dont think i was watching it .. i was surfing channels when it came up).....

As if the increasing TRP ratings of these soaps were not enough to indicate what we as a society wanted. Therefore we started giving signals in reality.
Cases of extramarital sex , honour killings, murders due to unfaithful behavior, illicit affairs, suicides due to illicit affairs, murder by inlaws n vice versa ...... and recently the killing of ones own child or murdering a disillusioned wife's lover ... increased, and thanks to the media ... these were highly glorified.
All these past 2-3 years I have always wondered, how these stupid serials, which mostly show the negative aspects of life, could do so well !!!! But then I realised : If you go 10-15 years back, I am sure you would hardly find such incidents happening in a regular basis, both on and off the TV screen. But as I said, the incidence of such incidents have multiplied over the years. And today , every other Tele-Soap have some element of these... and why not ... there are more viewers to take such drama than ever before !!!

God Knows where are we heading ...... but sometime I sincerely wish the days of Mowgli, Chandrakanta or Swami (Malgudi Days) come back again ....