Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh ! Kolkata !

Incident 1 : some days (weeks?) back there was a very moving story in almost all the dailies circulated in kolkata .... The incident was the brutal beating of a lady by her inlaws. Infact the lady was in Kolkata Police (Sub Inspector if I remember Correctly)!! The reason was the age old family feud and dowry issues . She was tied to her bed , and marcilessly beaten by her brother-sister-mother in law and may be by other members !!

Incident 2 : This may not be a single incident , but this is the almost regular killing of men - women - children , by a bunch of psychotic Kolkata bus drivers .

Incident 3 : .. well if you ask me the date and time when this happened .. or even the newspaper that reported it .. I wont be able to answer .. but .. trust me .. this happened sometime back , and it happens every alternate day in kolkata and elsewhere in the country . I think it was reported a few months back how a 22 year old girl was burned to death for falling in love with another guy ,despite being married !! ... it happend in the city ! and then there was this sick shop owner who attempted to rape a 9 year old gal !!!!

and now lets come to the latest issue ... the very hot "Rijwanur death ". I find everyday that someone says something about it ! Be it politicians (that's nothing new),writers, poets , artists, women right activists ,students... and the innumerable intellectuals of the city !!! They are staging dramas, painting graffitis,reciting poems and doing everything they can , to make sure that its recorded by the spice thirsty media !!! I feel disgusted to see this .. and in my perspective its "pseudo-intellectualism" .

I would like to ask those people, who are shouting now for rijwanur, where were they when all these above incidents took place !!!! where were you guys when a child was raped , a lady was tortured or even that girl was burnt ! What happend to your humane feelings then ????
So is it because Rijwanur case involves some glamor , a scandal involving a rich businessman , and the very spicy hindu-muslim marriage issue .. that you guys have suddenly become active !!

I sometime feel like deleting these bunch of pseudo intellectuals from the face of the city !!