Thursday, March 6, 2008

Contact / No Contact

The other day I was wondering how I have changed !! I remember in my bachelor days (READ BSc DAYS ), I could spend hours on the fone talking (rather as we call "Bhat mere") with a lot of people .. some friends some just colleagues , some seniors some juniors. Rather I would love to call up people and knock them , when I realised that I am loosing contact with them !

Naturally when I count the number of people who were in my "circle of friends / acquintences / senior / junior / non-of the above etc etc etc " in knew then .... I find that the number has dwindled gradually over the years.

But ask me if am worried about this .... and I will say , I feel better now !!
I feel its human nature ... as you undergo the transition from school ... to college .. to professional life ... you tend to "loose "people on the way .. rather the better word is " select". You select those who you know , can be there for long .. those who wont mind if you don't call or talk to them for days !! After all its not possible to maintain a huge number of people in your "good contact list" when you are professionally occupied. Now-a-days I don't even feel like calling up or even contacting people online, just for socialising (although i have to do it sometime for reasons which are complicated ). Thats because I am happy with my small circle of friends ...... Its correct that "good things come in small packages"

Disclaimer : Blogging for me , is just a way to express my ideas/views and feelings, and not to impress anyone with unfathomable language and classical English. So if you expected this to be a literary gem , then am sorry for the disappointment.
AND this post is not meant to offend anyone.